Carterville High School Chorus Syllabus


Mrs. Lauren Arnett

Jr. High Lab Choirs & High School Choirs, Theater & Music Appreciation





Course Title:  High School Concert Choir/ Mixed Chorus
Instructor: Lauren Arnett


CJHS: 8 am – 10:30am; CHS: 10:30am– 3:05 pm

Required materials: Pencil, 2-Pocket 1-inch BLACK Binder, 10 Sheets of Paper (Due: Tuesday, August 21st)
Appreciated Donations: Kleenex, Paper Towel, Clorox Wipes (Thanks in Advance!)




Students may audition for QUAD State Choral Festival in September
Students may audition for ILMEA District Music Festival (including freshmen) on Mon, Oct 14th
All Students Will Attend as many Madrigal rehearsals in November as possible and ALL MANDATORY Dress Rehearsals/Set Up - See Dates of Note for specific rehearsal times (As there are still a few dates to solidify with administration. –Dates of Note will be Released by the beginning of next week)
All Members will Participate in the Madrigal Feast on Saturday, December 14th and Sunday, December 15th
Members of Chorus will have opportunities to work in small and large ensembles as well as in solo performances for Solo and Ensemble Contest, Saturday, March 7th   
All Members will have the opportunity to travel to Disney World over Spring Break to perform with the CHS Choir.  (More specific info coming very soon!)
All Members of Chorus will be performing/assisting throughout the Spring Semester in the Spring Musical
Spring Musical Cast & Concert Choir will perform for the Sr. Citizen’s Valentine Banquet in February
All Seniors wishing to perform a Senior Feature on the Spring Concert will need to have their selection approved one month prior to the Spring Pops Concert and will need to schedule two rehearsals with Mrs. Arnett to perform their piece/sound check in the auditorium
All Members will be Required to Attend a Mandatory Dress Rehearsal for Our Spring Pops Concert.  The dress rehearsal will be the day before from 3:30 – 5:30 PM
All Members of Chorus will perform in the Spring Choir Concert – May 5th
All Members will be required to attend all performances and all concert dress rehearsals.  (These dress rehearsals will take place after school.  All rehearsals (excluding Spring Musical) will be scheduled and included in the Dates of Note)



NOTE: If there are changes to call times and dress rehearsal times they will be given at least two weeks prior or as soon as possible before the rehearsal/performance to give students ample time to make arrangements to attend required rehearsals/performances.


Each member will be instructed and assessed in areas of Music Theory, History, Rhythm, and Tonality. This year’s curriculum includes demonstration of the following by each student:



a. to sing a Major and all 3 Minor scales, both up and down, alone in class sing Major, minor, Augmented, and diminished triads

2)Basic Theory: Writing out the Grand Staff and identifying the major elements of the staff including:

a.Treble & Bass Clefs

b.Time Signature

c.Note Names and placement using whole notes

3)Basic Aural Skills: Writing out rhythms when listening to samples played, using whole, half, quarter, eighth and sixteenth notes and rests

4)Basic Sight-Singing: Sight Reading 4 measures of music to include accurate: Pitch, Rhythm, Solfege & Dynamics

5)Scheduled Part Checks: Members will be asked to sing their parts individually periodically throughout the year.  They will be assessed on Pitch, Rhythm, Musicality, Enunciation, and Vocal Technique of the excerpt chosen.

6)Written Assignments:  Members will turn in written assignments throughout the semester on a given musical subject.  These assignments will be used as a tool for deeper understanding of the musical topic.



As music is a performing art, chorus members will have minimal outside homework except for scheduled performances/dress rehearsals and the opportunities offered after school for practice to perfect the performances.

The Spring Musical will be the exception, as after school practices are a necessity.

The Concert Choir has been chosen by audition.  Concert Choir members will be expected to:

a) Audition for QUAD State Choral Festival (CD Recorded Audition) and if selected participate in the Quad State Choral Festival at Murray State University on Sunday Nov. 3rd and Monday Nov. 4th (Cost of Audition is free; cost of attending Festival is paid by the school; money is needed for meals, small stipend provided by CHS)

b) Perform for Homecoming Festivities: Banner at the Football Game, Friday, October 11th & Coronation, Saturday, October 12th & rehearse as needed toward performance

c) Audition for ILMEA District Music Festival, Mon., Oct. 14 at Mascoutah High School and if selected participate in ILMEA District Festival at SIU-C on Sat., Nov.2nd (Cost of audition and cost of attending District Festival is paid by the school.  Small stipend will be given for meals.)

d) Audition for and participate in the cast of the Spring Musical – Required for all choral students

f) Have Special Performance for both the Madrigal Feast and Spring Concerts

g) Attend the Baccalaureate and Graduation Ceremonies to perform with the seniors (as needed)









 Grading procedures will be based on:

Classroom Participation – (60%)
Written and Oral Assessments – (10%)
Positive Attitude – (10%)
Concert Participation – (in lieu of a written final exam) (20%)

If student misses the concert, a final written exam will be given.


Letter Grade Assignments are as explained in the student handbook


Attendance and tardies will be kept in accordance with school policy.

Student will receive 0 points if obtains 15 or more absences per quarter without a doctor’s excuse. If the student has a doctor’s written excuse for prolonged absence, a make-up report will be required. The length of the report will be determined by the length of the absence. The topic will be assigned by the teacher.

Missed tests/performances will be made-up in accordance with school policy.
ALL students are expected to put in the time necessary to have an outstanding performance. Chorus is a “team effort” and every member is important!
Students are responsible for being ready to sing each class period and for each performance. This includes: a) taking care of their physical body (enough sleep, nutrition, exercise, etc.); b) their mental preparation (knowledge of their part in the music to be performed and willingness to work it to perfection, limiting scheduling conflicts, and class disruptions etc.)
No behavior that shows disrespect to self or others will be tolerated in the classroom or at any choral event.
No food or drink other than bottled water will be allowed in the classroom.
NO GUM!!!!!  It is a safety hazard! I want you to live (I’m just selfish like that ;)


Any disciplinary action will be handled as outlined in the CHS student handbook.

Verbal Warning
Conference After Class
Detention After School
Phone call to Parent/Guardian
Visit to Mr. Diel’s Office
More serious behaviors can skip 1-4 and go directly to 5


Cheating (although difficult to do when singing) Will result in a ZERO for both involved

Students will not be able to leave the classroom once class begins unless there is an emergency.  To leave the classroom for any reason a pass must be given.  Going to other teacher’s classrooms will only be allowed if a pass is received ahead of time or the teacher/counselor/secretary/principal sends for the student.

Electronic Devices: Are Not Allowed in the Classroom unless requested for a musical activity.  If devices are seen being used, they will be taken and turned into the office.






Chorus will be structured as follows for Fall Semester 2019:



Assign vocal parts
Review basics rudiments of vocal music
Prepare for Illinois Music Educators Assoc. and Quad State auditions – open to all chorus members
ILMEA Festival Workshop SIU-C, Date TBA (during school) All choral students encouraged to attend
Record Quad State Auditions
Concert Choir: Free Fair Kick – off, Friday, September 6th at 5 PM
Concert Choir: Homecoming Football Game, Friday, October 11th
Concert Choir: Homecoming Coronation, Saturday, October 12th   (Concert Choir)



ILMEA auditions at Mascoutah High School on Mon, October 14th
Begin to prepare for Christmas Concert /Madrigal Feast– old & new arrangements will be prepared.



Continue to prepare for Christmas Concert/Madrigal Feast
Quad State Choral Festival MSU Campus; Sunday, Nov. 3rd and Monday, Nov. 4th
ILMEA District VI Festival at SIU-C on Sat., Nov. 2nd
Taping at WSIL-TV for “Sounds of the Season” (Date TBD)



(Madrigal Dress Rehearsals: see dates of note for scheduled rehearsal times)
Living Christmas Cards – Community Outreach and Fundraiser – Sunday, Dec. 8th
Madrigal Feast; Saturday, December 14th and Sunday, December 15th (Fall Final)
 Chorus Potluck & Concert Review, Spring Musical Audition Prep, during scheduled Class Final



MADRIGAL ATTIRE (used for Madrigal Feast and WSIL TV Taping) and Costumes for Madrigal Mini Play will be provided: Students will be instructed on footwear and any other accessories needed as the Madrigal draws closer




Chorus will be structured as follows for Spring Semester 2020:



Auditions for the Spring Musical, TBD
Review basic music theory covered last semester & add new concepts
Begin work on solo & small groups for Solo Contest,
Valentine’s Banquet performance; and Spring Concert Repertoire
Work on choral sections of Spring Musical



Continue work on IHSA Solo & Ensemble Contest music & Valentine Banquet Selections
Perform for the Valentine’s Banquet (during School Day)
Work intently on chorus & solo sections of the Spring Musical, including set design & continue construction; Gather costumes & props for musical



IHSA Solo & Ensemble Contest, Saturday, March 7th   
Spring Break - CHS Fine Arts Disney World Performance Trip (March 8-13)
Complete all areas of production for Spring Musical
Spring Pops Concert Literature



Musical Theater Camp – TBD (generally two Saturdays before the musical) Directed by Select Members of the CHS Musical Cast
Spring Musical – TBD
Final preparation for Spring Concert after the musical (Including Senior Features)



Spring Pops Dress Rehearsal, Day Before Concert – Monday, May 4th - 3:30-5:30 PM
Spring Pops Concert, Date- Tuesday, May 5th (Spring Final)
Prepare for Baccalaureate performance – Wednesday, May 13th  (tentative)
Prepare for Graduation, Saturday May 16th (tentative)


_______Please Detach, Sign, and Return the CHS CHOIRS CONTRACT

to Mrs. Arnett by Tuesday, August 20th ______